Free Climbing

Exploring the mountains of Capo Sant'Andrea and the Island of Elba by free climbing is one of the many sports available whilst staying at Hotel Ilio

The Island of Elba offers surprises for lovers of free climbing too, especially in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, on the great western promontory of the island, where the highest peaks of Elba are to be found and which offer thrilling climbs using routes riveted by Italian Sports Climbing Federation instructors.

Behind Boutique Hotel Ilio at Capo Sant’Andrea stands the highest mountain on Elba, Mount Capanne (1019 metres), with its chestnut wooded slopes, footpaths and mule tracks. Looking towards Pomonte, on the western promontory of the Island, we can see Mount Cote (900 m), again part of the Capanne group. And towards Marciana, Mount Giove (855 m) offers one of the most beautiful panoramic viewpoints on Elba, where the rocks, carved by the winds, take on curious, almost human, forms.

From the beach at Sant’Andrea

You can even climb the cliffs at Sant’Andrea However, and especially during the nesting season, the environmental eco-system is to be respected.

Other itineraries

“Mount S. Bartolomeo”, reached from Chiessi; “Madonna del Monte”, reached from the Santuario della Madonna del Monte above Marciana; the “Fetovaia” cliffs. Please remember to check the spit status.

Cliff climbing itineraries on detailed

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