The beach and cliffs at Capo Sant'Andrea, just a few steps away from boutique Hotel Ilio on the Island of Elba

The suggestive bay of Sant’Andrea is a mere 300 metres from the Boutique Hotel Ilio, with its beach, narrow coves and shallow, sandy sea bed: ideal for those who like the sea close by. The water is clear and crystalline, with a view towards Tuscany and, from the cliffs of Capo Sant’Andrea, of Capraia and Corsica, and the beautiful nature surrounding the gulf behind you: enchanting. On the right hand side of the bay, a short path hewn out of the rock leads to the small beach at Punta del Cotoncello, a spit of golden sand with very shallow water and rising cliffs making a beautiful natural swimming pool.

The cliffs

There is no limit to the surprises; past the headland, on the left, there is a breath-taking view of one of the most beautiful cliffs in the world. White granite, polished by the sea and the wind and stretching as far as the eye can see, appears as whale backs rising and falling into the clear blue depths. As the sun goes down, the granite reflects the colours of the sunset. These cliffs, known as the “cote piane”, can be explored easily and offer comfortable spots for bathing in the sun. A magnificently beautiful spectacle.

Sports and watersports

The bay of Sant’Andrea is perfect for snorkeling, diving and sea kayaking and the coastline of little bays and coves, reached only by sea, is ideal for boat trips and excursions. Not forgetting that the sea temperature is warm enough for bathing from May right through to October! On the beach at Sant’Andrea there is a diving centre, bazaar, bar and restaurants; motor boats, canoes and windsurfing equipment can also be hired on the beach.

Beach services

On the beach at Sant’Andrea there is a small beach club where guests of boutique Hotel Ilio can rent sun umbrellas, loungers, deck-chairs and make use of the showers and changing facilities with a discount of 15% off the normal prices.

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