Exploring the coast of Capo Sant'Andrea and the Island of Elba by kayak is one of the many water sports available whilst staying at Hotel Ilio

Cutting through a crystalline sapphire sea in a kayak, surrounded by the silence and peace of a magnificent, natural environment…the kayak is the best way to fall in love with the Island of Elba and discover its many views, hidden between isolated coves and majestic cliffs.

Gliding on water with a canoe tones up your muscles and at the same time lets your mind relax. Some use this sport for solitary meditation, others practice kayaking as a true sporting discipline. However you enjoy the sport, this long, tapered, ancient type of craft is one of the most eco-friendly and fascinating ways to develop intimate and personal contact with this generous, yet wild, natural environment.

Boutique Hotel Ilio on Capo Sant’Andrea on the north-western tip of the island of Elba and in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, offers excursions with expert kayak instructors who will help you perfect your technique and accompany you in your discovery of one of the wildest and most singular of Tuscany’s natural parks. If you need to hire a kayak, there is a boat hire on the beach at Sant’Andrea.

To the East of Capo Sant’Andrea

The itinerary east from Capo Sant’Andrea to Marciana Marina offers many interesting destinations. Against a fascinating backdrop of steep cliffs and tiny beaches accessible only by sea, you reach a small inlet called the “Caletta”, where you will find a small stony beach, the ideal place for a rest or a long swim. The more tenacious can continue for a further four miles to the beautiful smooth pebbly beach, “Fenicia”, at the end of the jetty at Marciana Marina.

To the West of Capo Sant’Andrea

Following the coast westward as far as the lighthouse at Point Polveraia, three miles from Cape St. Andrea, you will see one of the most beautiful coastlines of the island and from where, on clear days, you can see Corsica. Along this still unspoilt coastline, the depths offer fantastic colours and even surprises, such as the remains of ancient ships of various origins and epochs which sunk along with the treasures they carried.

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