HI Shop

A lifestyle marked by the suffix “HI”

These initials have distinguished the Boutique Hotel Ilio since its opening, and as with every name, have written part of its history. This is also the case of the Boutique Hotel Ilio, the initials of which have been the distinguishing feature of a type of holiday, gastronomic culture and products of excellence. In English, Hi means something that is above usual standards, but is also a greeting, an authentic, original and elegant way of being and living. The Hi Shop is intended as a “Hi memory” to keep after living unforgettable experiences on the northern-western point of the island of Elba, the precise location where the shoreline meets the turquoise sea, the clear sand and the most suggestive sea beds, and is called Capo Sant’Andrea.

Hi Wine, Hi Beer, Hi Oil

At the Hotel Ilio, you will find a careful selection of products made in Tuscany and made in Elba, to be enjoyed or taken home as a gift. Watch the video of the products




“Light beer” exclusive to the island of Elba


Tuscan oil

HOTEL ILIO • Capo S. Andrea • Island of Elba • Tuscany • Italy • Tel. +39 0565.90.80.18 • email: booking@hotelilio.com

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