Wine Tour

The boutique Hotel Ilio at Capo Sant'Andrea offers wine tours to discover the wine-producing tradition of the Island of Elba

As the daughter of the great land of Tuscany, the Island of Elba also has a long tradition of wine-making; from the times of the ancient Roman Empire to date, the fertile land, climate and environmental conditions have nurtured the vines to produce unique wine characteristics.

Following the “strade del vino”, or wine roads, of Elba means appreciating the great oenological tradition of this island, with its great dessert wines (the best being the perfumed Aleatico), white wines from Ansonica grapes, red wines and rosé wines; full-bodied, dry, light, fruity, spicy, garnet-, ruby- and gold-coloured wines. But it also means probing the land of vineyards and ancient cellars, “vinsantaie” and oil mills and the many other attractions of natural, cultural and historic interest.

The Boutique Hotel Ilio at Capo Sant’Andrea offers guests the opportunity to take part in tours to the vineyards and cellars of the Island of Elba to taste wines and local specialities, in the company of foreign-language-speaking guides.

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