Family Reunions

Frenetic times, work and distances can lead to one being away from one’s family and have no time to spend with their brothers, sisters, cousins they grew up with, parents, uncles and aunts; this is why family reunions are one of the latest trends in holidays. A short holiday or even only a weekend to take a break from frenetic daily life and spend some time with the family, in the broadest sense of the word!

The Boutique Hotel Ilio in Capo Sant’Andrea is the ideal place to organise such a holiday immediately. It is easily accessible from all over Italy and Europe, and there are direct flights to the island, air taxis or ferry booking available for those coming from farther away. It is located on a part of Elba that has remained wild and away from the confusion of everyday life, perfect for those who want some peace and quiet with their family. The differing characteristics of the surrounding landscape unites everyone; the more sporty can enjoy sports in the open air, both at sea (snorkelling, diving, kayaking) and on land (climbing, mountain biking, trekking, etc.), while the more holiday-minded can enjoy the perfect relaxation of the location to read in the shade of the typical Mediterranean vegetation or sunbathe at the beautiful Bay of Sant’Andrea. Everyone can get together for breakfast on the panoramic terrace or enjoy an aperitif at sunset.

Our Personal Manager can organise the details (travel, excursions by boat, tours, Tuscan wine tastings) for an unforgettable Family Reunion.

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