Boutique Hotel

The first and only Boutique Hotel on Elba

Inclusive services

  • Free WIFI
  • Parking
  • Garden lounge
  • Personal Manager
  • more

Services charged for

  • Bar & Winery
  • Wellness area
  • Fully equipped beach
  • Air taxi, car hire with private driver, etc..
  • more

The Boutique Hotel Ilio in Capo Sant’Andrea on Elba is defined as a “Boutique Hotel”, which means a small hotel with a certain charm and an unmistakeable personality, in which the beauty and harmony of the setting is an integral part of the surrounding authentic and wild nature, creating an original and exclusive combination of environments, where design valorises nature and nature complements the furnishing of the hotel.


The Hotel is located on one of the most typical bays on Elba, where the exceptional nature in this location is protected most scrupulously. We are at Capo Sant’Andrea, a small slice of paradise where granite rocks are immersed sinuously into the crystalline sea, leaving bare fine fragments of beaches like unique and irregular tassels composing an exceptionally beautiful mosaic.
The Boutique Hotel Ilio is located at the end of the promontory which leads to the bay of Capo Sant’Andrea, and is surrounded by the natural beauty of this peninsula, among the green vines, the perfumed Mediterranean woodland, aromatic bushes and vivacious flowers that are a trademark of the seaside in Tuscany.
The ideal starting point for lovers of open air sports, from the more meditative ones such as bio-watchers and birdwatchers, those who love the awesome silence of underwater life, with snorkelling and diving, and those who love kayaking, trekking, mountain biking and free-climbing.

Rooms From 5 to 300 meters from the sea

The hotel has just 20 bedrooms, each one unique and inspired by four styles of interior décor, which are situated in buildings located throughout the grounds around a central building with a large panoramic terrace. Paths lead to the house by the sea, to the house in the vineyard and other separate accommodation buildings through the beautiful gardens and the Mediterranean maquis, where there are sitting areas for relaxing and enjoying the colourful hibiscus blooms.

Choose your own style of holiday

Each style has its own different personality ideal for resorting

Mediterranean: Mediterranean is not simply the name of a sea, but a lifestyle. Ideal for those who want to appreciate all the beauty of this stretch of Italian coastline, enjoying its perfumes, listening to the breaking of the waves…

Contemporary: for those who need a relaxing and tranquil holiday, those who love sunlight and enjoy the energy of sunsets, for those who want to live an open air holiday, enjoying sports and walking among nature, those who love reading books but who cannot live without WiFi!

Tuscany: created for those who want to enjoy the sea in Italy, for lovers of Italian history, those who imagine and dream of a romantic weekend Tuscan style, enjoying all the originality and passion of this land.

Essential: there is nothing more beautiful than the essential, clean lines, abandoning the superfluous… for those who want to leave everything at home when they go on holiday, unplugging the phone and living in beachwear and swimming trunks.


To valorise your holiday more, we have thought up some optional extras which you can book on request to make your stay unique. These services are charged for.

These services charged for

Inclusive services

  • restaurant bookings
  • excursion bookings
  • various bookings
  • internet point
  • use of the library
  • maps and postcards of elba

HOTEL ILIO • Capo S. Andrea • Island of Elba • Tuscany • Italy • Tel. +39 0565.90.80.18 • email:

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