We will get you to the Hotel Ilio in a few minutes and safely. A109S helicopters: twin engine, two pilots and 6 passengers

The quickest and most suggestive way of going to Elba is a helicopter flight. The Hotel Ilio is giving its guests this opportunity, getting to your destination quickly and flying over the enchanting panoramic views of the island. Among its Top Services, the Boutique Hotel Ilio offers a Helitaxi flight in a twin engine A109S, a 6 passenger helicopter with a comfortable cabin and two pilots on board, which will get you there in a few minutes from Rome, Pisa, Florence or other locations on request. A few examples: you can get to Elba from Pisa in 30 minutes, from Florence in 40 minutes and from Rome in 55 minutes.

Helitaxi technical details

A109S twin engine 6 seat helicopter


A109S helicopters. Twin engine, two pilots and 6 passengers

Please contact us for more information on times, costs and connections.



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