Elba Vintage Tour

An Italian branded holiday: travelling around Elba on a classic FIAT 500

The perfumes of the Mediterranean, the colours of Tuscany, the sea of Elba: nothing is missing for a true Italian summer, except perhaps an exciting brand name to provide an extra romantically vintage touch: a classic FIAT 500 to tackle the winding roads of this beautiful island.

One of the more original offers for your holiday is to hire a mythical Cinquecento with driver, and also a tourist guide if required, to discover Elba, on board an Italian vehicle par excellence.
If you are already familiar with Elba, you can inform the driver of your itinerary, or should you want to have an expert on board, there will be tourist guides available to accompany you when visiting old villages, characteristic ports, marvellous beaches and discovering the historical beauty which abounds on the island, museums, Napoleon’s residences, an adventure down some of the underground mines, or simply cruising along the panoramic roads, which provide unforgettable views on every corner.
There are a number of versions available covering the entire history of the fabulous car: from the initial “N” series to the “L” series with its luxury interiors; just climb aboard and start a very special tour of the island.

Our Personal Manager is available for all the necessary information.


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