Falling in love on the island of Elba: honeymoon in Tuscany

An intimate and romantic location by nature, where no detail is missing for it to claim to be the ideal location for lovers: a dreamy landscape, sun-drenched beaches, magnificent shorelines, coastlines and bays to be discovered, Caribbean-style sea beds, mountains dominating the gulf…the ideal scenario for an exciting honeymoon in harmony with nature.

The scent of the vivacious bougainvillea, oleanders and lemons comes in from the glass doors, combining with the unmistakable breeze and smell of the sea, creating a love elixir emphasised daily by small surprises and details studied by the owner and manager of the Hotel Maurizio Testa, who will focus specifically on the newlyweds.
Days will pass by in the idyll of the island of Elba, swimming in the crystalline sea, walking along the beach, searching for new secret bays in a kayak, enjoying boating excursions along the coastline or on the magic islands of Capraia and Pianosa…and each evening discovering a new restaurant by the sea, where you can enjoy the dishes and wines of the island.

HOTEL ILIO • Capo S. Andrea • Island of Elba • Tuscany • Italy • Tel. +39 0565.90.80.18 • email: booking@hotelilio.com

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