The new cellar of the Boutique Hotel Ilio

The Boutique Hotel Ilio has a renowned cellar, where you can discover the best wines of Elba and Tuscany, an ideal and trendy place to taste and to appreciate the wine making traditions of Tuscany, and Elba in particular, a land of great sweet wines, but also white wines made from Ansonica grapes, reds and rosés. The new cellar of the Hotel Ilio offers a wide choice of Elban and Tuscan DOC wines, providing an occasion for themed tastings. Ample space is also given to typical Tuscan products, such as meditative wines, grappa and brandy.

The Boutique Hotel Ilio? It was once an ancient cellar

The cultivation of grapes and production of wine was in the past one of the main activities on the island, before tourism. Over the years, Elba has become a highly sought after tourist destination, thanks to its beautiful and varied natural conformation, but has not forgotten or neglected its origins. The area used for wine producing has become smaller, but the taste and refined nature of this specific wine, which has become more sought after over time, has not changed. For some years now, there has been an official “Elban Itinerary of wine routes”, a route amongst the most important wine makers and vines on the island, dedicated to lovers of wine and gastronomy, ideal for the early autumn months when the weather is still mild and the desire to discover new places is combined with the need to satisfy the palate with wine tastings and typical food products.

The wine making tradition has been continued by Maurizio Testa, who has characterised it with the Hi Wine brand of the Boutique Hotel Ilio. The Hotel itself used to be an old cellar, founded by his grandfather Ilio Testa, a wine maker. Ilio produced “Elba white” and “Elba red”, a passion which his grandson Maurizio inherited at an early age and then transformed into a search for brands and cellars to work with and produce new wines.

Hi Wine

For the fiftieth anniversary of the Boutique Hotel Ilio, Maurizio Testa wanted to bring to light the old tradition of hi grandfather Ilio and decided to produce a wine with other makers on Elba which was to symbolise the land of Elba, combining the perfumes, sensations and tastes typical of the island in a single glass. Thus the first Hi Wine, Ilio 50 (Elba Red Reserve DOC 2004), was created, and the passion of seeing the creation and production of new and untested wines and brands in person was continued.

The jewel in the crown of the Ilio range is the new Hi Wine (Syrah indicazione geografica tipica Toscana 2010), ruby red in colour, with traces of purple, clear and at the same time consistent, like the sea at sunset. The aroma is intense and distinctive, with a hint of mature blackberries and blackcurrants, characterised by spiciness, a hint of toasting, coffee, cocoa and graphite. The result is a warm and all-embracing wine, very elegant and lasting. Produced using Syrah grapes, the fruit of red calcium and clay based land, ideal for accompanying Tuscan meat and mature cheeses at the best time of the day, sunset.

Wine lovers, in addition to tasting this particular product, can also book a Wine Tour of the makers, vines and traditional tastes of the island when the Hotel is open.

Hi Wine, Hi Beer, Hi Oil

At the Hotel Ilio, you will find a careful selection of products made in Tuscany and made in Elba, to be enjoyed or taken home as a gift. Watch the video of the products

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