HI Beer

“Light beer” exclusive to the island of Elba

After creating Hi Wine, the Boutique Hotel Ilio decided to leave its mark on one of the beverages which symbolises every summer: beer. This marked the creation of a “light beer” exclusive to the island of Elba. Produced by hand at Rio Marina, Hi Beer is an unusual combination of freshness and vivacity in a magical alchemy similar to that of evenings by the sea. Its symbol? An emblematic label: two stylised golden dragons, a reminder of the conformation of the shoreline at Capo Sant’Andrea, a place where an ancient dragon appears to be resting, placated.

Neither adulating nor rough: “Hi Beer” is simply chic!

Hi Wine, Hi Beer, Hi Oil

At the Hotel Ilio, you will find a careful selection of products made in Tuscany and made in Elba, to be enjoyed or taken home as a gift. Watch the video of the products

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